On my way…

Sept 2010 to present


As you might have read on the main page or even on my “About” page, I began my fitness journey in 2010. I began training with running and light weight/strength training. Currently I am lifting heavy 4-5 times a week and cardio every single day in preparation for my first competition.

Here is my progress since beginning my journey. I started at abut 150 lbs and 34% body fat. Currently I am at about 118 lbs and 8% body fat. Its funny how your perspective changes/evolves as you do. Initially I wanted to lose 15-20 lbs and “tone up”. I had no idea what I really wanted at the time and what it would take to achieve it.

The majority of the weight I have lost was gone by 2012 and I have spent this year fine tuning, burning that stubborn belly fat and sculpting my booty with the help of my coach!




“There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path, don’t allow yourself to become one of them.”


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