1st Competiton – Gold’s Classic Paterson NJ

… I feel like the time between deciding what competiton to compete in and show day FLEW BY! My first show was last weekend and it was amazing! This journey for me has been so much more than just  lifting weights, sweating and a physical transformation. I have had a mental transformation as well which was more apparent after stepping off stage last week. As generally a shy person, the thought of beign on stage in a teeny bikini was unnerving but I embraced it and loved it. Then I realized, if I could do that how could i logically be nervous or afraid of public speaking at work or other aspects of life.

I am a constant work in progress and I am excited to see where this journey leads me! I have 2 more shows this season (Nov 9th and 16th) so I am still at it working to bring an even better package to each show. Here are a few pix from my 1st time on stage.

🙂 xoxo



“It is impossible to achieve your goals if you do not set any.”

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