2nd and 3rd Competitions– 2 Peak Weeks Back to Back!!


What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been! Right after my first competition on Oct 26th I was right back in the gym prepping for the 2nd and 3rd competitions which were 2 and 3 weeks immediately after, respectively!! It was tough but I was determined to get better and better each time.

With the first show under my belt, I was much more relaxed when it came time to step on stage the next time. I was able to take my time and hit my poses just like I practiced. My stage photos were also much better this time around! I haven’t had time to unload the pix from my camera but I do have a few pix from the interwebz and have added them below! Kai Greene was the guest poser at my last comp and was amazing. I def have some pix of him I will be sharing soon as well!

My placing in the first two competitions were OK. For the first comp I was 11th in the novice class, 13 in the open class. The 2nd comp was better, 6th in novice and 10th in open. But get this… the last show… a major show of the season… I placed 2ND in novice and 9th in open! I am still in a little disbelief!! Each class averaged between 18 and 20 girls… I am proud of where I landed!!

So now, technically in my off season. I am eager for the 2014 season. I have between 4 and 5 month to bring an even better package to the stage. This 2nd place win i just received, if i am not mistaken, qualifies me for both Jr National and National level competitions. Top placing in a national level competition qualifies me to earn a Pro card! It’s crazy to think how close I am to reaching another one of my goals so soon after tackling 1 major one.

Monday after my last competition I also had a photo shoot! It was so much fun and just got the proofs today so I will have some more pix to post shortly.

Prep for these contests has gone beyond only a physical change; the boost in confidence and self esteem is through the roof. As a former super shy girl I have found myself feeling at home on stage in a teeny bikini in front of hundreds of strangers lol no big deal! This has translated into more confidence at work and in social settings. All the hard work was really worth it and I am so ready for more!! Thank you for your support!

:) xoxo



Good things come to those who wait…work hard!!

P.S. 🙂

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