Bag Ladies Unpacked A Play by Kimberly A. Cullen

Bag Ladies Unpacked – A Play by Kimberly A. Cullen
Crossroads Theatre Company
7 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

ShowTimes: 2pm and 7pm
Tickets and More Information:

About the Play:

“This play is a depiction of how the baggage we carry can be the weight that prevents us from moving forward in life and growing  in love.  Eventually we start to unpack those emotions and insecurities on the ones closes to us, which inevitably becomes a burden that not only we carry, but others feeling compelled to have to carry .

Our past and present life circumstances and experiences from being molested, abused emotionally and physically, abandonment, neglect, rape, abortion, Death etc can be the cancer and the decaying of our natural ability to Love freely with vulnerability. Our shame will not let the hurt heal the pain.We miss the opportunity to demonstrate effectively when trying to Love our children, husbands, people etc

Bag ladies is an exhibit of the true story behind every or most women and the baggage we carry spiritually and emotionally from our past and present crisis to our generational curses.”

Here’s the trailer:

I hope you will join us on Saturday!

Wait, there’s more:

Also available on July 12th is an anthology compiled by Kimberly A. Cullen and Rachel Renée Smith featuring real stories from real women, unpacking their baggage. I had the opportunity to unpack my baggage within the pages of this book with the hope that my story could help and encourage someone else who might be in the same situation as I. The book will be available for purchase at the play as well as online at

Bag Ladies - Unpacked

Bag Ladies – Unpacked


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