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I’ve been working on something for a few months now and it’s finally ready for the world! Have you ever wanted something so much that when you could not find it in stores you decide to make it yourself? Well that’s exactly what happened with me.

Personally, I have found some cute, motivational fitness/casual apparel however many have words/sayings I don’t necessarily agree with, foul language and/or I just don’t like the style of the clothing. So, I decided to make my own contribution! I wanted something that made a statement, was comfortable, stylish and could be worn in the gym or in the streets. Hopefully the message will also encourage you and others to keep pushing towards achieving your goals!

I enjoy moments when I get to be creative and work with the right side of my brain! Analyst and Personal Trainer by day…. graphic designer, poet, painter, daydreamer and professional doodler by night 🙂 Please take a look at my shirts on my shop page; click the images to be taken there and find out more! I hope you enjoy! I will be adding Army style cadet hats (update: hats are now on the site!) to the site later this week so keep checking back for more!!

dontquit goaldigger


survival mockup 3



Thank you for your support!!

Nikki <3


“Commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals.”

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