The Countdown

It’s Peak Week!

Getting to this point means a lot to me. I had planned to compete in August but I wasn’t ready… my body wasn’t ready.  Prep for this competition season was much harder mentally and physically than last time. Imagine doing all the right things, being even stricter on your “diet” than before and not seeing the results you expect. Despite your diligence, weighing in with your coach heavier than the week before… ugh. That was me. I am thankful for my coach and his guidance to help eliminate variables and for the wisdom to know more time would suit us both well. I am thankful for his vision to see my potential when i had doubts. I am also tremendously thankful for all the love, support and encouragement received from loved ones, friends and even people I do not know.

So here I am 6 days away from stepping on stage this year. I feel good. I feel ready. I feel confident. I feel excited! Regardless of the outcome on show day, I know I am bringing my best.  A couple of weeks after I was supposed to compete in August I saw a post on FB that seemed to speak directly to me:


This is completely and absolutely true.

I understand that not everyone understands or can can relate to bodybuilding competitions, or even gets why I enjoy being a part of this sport but that doesn’t matter. I believe this message can be applicable to any goal. Set backs occur in life however remember, winners are not people who have never failed but they are people who didn’t quit!

Trophy or no trophy this weekend I know I am a winner.

Here’s a sneak peak of my physique, these 2 pix are from over a week ago. Will update everyone soon with pix and the outcome of the show!


Info for the show I am competing in is below.

The 2014 NPC Big Cat Classic Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships hosted by Craig Lamont Johnson will be held on Saturday, October 4th at Scottish Rite Cathedral in Allentown PA.

Scottish Rite Cathedral LVMA
1533 Hamilton St, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102

(Prejudging) Doors for the public open at 9:00 am.
(Prejudging) Starts at 10:00am.
(Finals) Doors open at 4pm.
(Finals) Start at 5:00pm.

(Prejudging) $20
(Finals) $25


Thank you!





“We will all fail in life, but nobody has to be a failure. Failing at a thing doesn’t make you a failure. You are only a failure when you quit trying.”  – Joyce Meyer

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  1. i have a competition here in canada on october 4th!! lol goodluck! I am going through the similar thing right now, my weight goes down three days in a row, then it goes up for 3 days all of a sudden. Its very frustrating!

    • Thank you FitPixie! Good luck to you as well! I hope you do great and enjoy the experience! Getting stage ready is hard work!!!

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