New Feature: Fit Girl Nikki Exercise Library

Hey Goal Diggers!

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook you know that I like to post workout videos periodically (1-2 a week). If you aren’t following me on IG or FB— you should be! One day, I realized that there was no easy way for you to navigate to all of my leg day exercises or ab routines so I decided to build out a library here! I have brought over almost all of my videos from Instagram even some created before we had the luxury of 1 minute long videos! I have tagged them by body part targeted and equipment used to help you navigate to exactly what you’re looking for. This will constantly be updated as I record new videos so check back for more. If you have any suggestions for exercises you would like to see me demo, please do not hesitate to pass that along.

You can find the “Video Exercise Library” from the main menu:

I hope this is helpful!! 🙂

Note: If you are subscribed to my website, you will have received an email notifying you of each exercise post. Feel free to use those links or completely disregard.




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