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Hi! I’m Nikki!

My fitness journey began in late 2010. Prior to then I knew little about proper nutrition or exercise; years of eating whatever I wanted coupled with a sedentary lifestyle had started to catch up with me! I was approximately 151 lbs and 34% body fat at my starting point. It was September when I decided to make a change and I began the Couch to 5K running program, joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. Running was hard!! My first time out on the pavement I remember didn’t last very long and was more walking than running. Initially, although my running improved I didn’t see much difference with my body or on the scale. My PT at the time would give great suggestions for meal ideas but I didn’t really listen to him… and I definitely recall stopping at BK, McD’s or Sonic after leaving the gym and had no shame about it. SMH One day in March 2011, I was home surfing through Netflix and came across the documentary Supersize Me, and watched it. Afterwards, the documentary FatHead showed up as a suggestion for me to watch. FatHead is a rebuttal to Supersize Me and essentially the creator follows a similar plan of eating nothing but fast food for a period of time but ends up losing weight instead of gaining. This documentary really helped to explain how the body uses food and why it stores fat. This was a turning point for me.

I began to understand the concept of clean eating more and more and finally started to see the scale moving in the right direction as I began applying what I had learned! Shortly after watching FatHead I came across the website for NerdFitness. Everything really began to click for me at this point; everything my trainer said, everything I read on that website… everything I recalled from the documentary… everything now made sense. I was lifting weights in the gym two or three times a week and running 1 or 2 times a week. I then decided I would enter my first 5K and I also began eating like a caveman, following the Paleo or Paleolithic diet. I wasn’t a great runner but I am goal oriented and I figured since I had completed the C25K program, I should compete. My first race was May 7th 2011. I was committed to completing the race without stopping to walk and wanted to finish under 30 min. I accomplished that and have been accomplishing much more since then!

To date, I have run in over 16 races from 5Ks, 10Ks and Mud Runs in 5 different states. I have placed in the top 10 for my age group for all but 2 races which include a few 1st and 2nd places. (Click here for my running stats). The first race in 2011 was held by an organization called HomeFront located in the Princeton area of NJ and assist families in need. While I still run and enjoy it, I have begun a new journey.

I began prepping to compete in body building competitions in 2013. Prior to making this decision, I had begun lifting weights more often and noticed I was getting pretty strong. I also noticed a correlation between my leg strength and my average pace per mile. The stronger I was, the faster I could run (and the leaner I got!!) Around December 2012 I began thinking about competing. ย I started paying more attention to bodybuilders especially the women. I felt drawn to the bikini division and began trying to learn more about the sport. I quickly realized I would need help to prepare because there was seemingly so much I didn’t understand and couldn’t figure out! I also decided Iย should attend a competition so I could see first hand what I would be getting myself into. I attended the NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Classic in May and I loved it! While there, I absorbed as much as I could about the process ( was there all day for prejudging and the night show); I made notes to myself of various coaches/ training companies that were there because I was interested in finding a coach close to home. I saw a banner for Exile Training, located near where I live. I visited the website and was very interested in finding out more about the company. I didn’t reach out right away; my goal was to bring my body fat % down a little more so I would be closer to competition ready. ย One day in June 2013 while checking my email, I noticed a new message from my gym announcing a new general manager. I read the email and did a triple take… the new general manager was the owner of Exile Training, Pat Grieco! Was this a sign!? Not sure, but I felt like it was more than a coincidence and reached out to Pat almost immediately! I signed up with Exile Training in July 2013, competed in my first shows that fall and the rest is history!

Since then, I have obtain my personal training and fitness nutrition certifications from NASM to help and educate others on their fitness journey. Use the menu above to access all of my free information and be sure to check out my store for information on the services I offer as well as merchandise! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for visiting my site I hope you enjoy following me on my journey. If you would like to contact me feel free to use the form on the Ask Nikki page.



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