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Fit Girl Nikki | Meal Prep Hack - Grilled Chicken Delivered To Your Door
NJ based grilled chicken meal prep company offereing nationwide shipping. A quick and efficient way to stay on top of your diet--- use my discount code Nikki10 to save 10%.
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Meal Prep Hack – The Chicken Pound (Nikki10 to Save 10%)

The main complaint I hear when it comes to meal prepping is that I just don’t have enough time! Well I have an option that is a tasty time saver! Get your protein prepared, cooked and delivered to your door for a fraction of the time and cost!



The Chicken Pound!

Precooked grilled chicken delivered to your door! Throw it on a salad, pair it with you veggies and sweet potatoes and you’re all set! Use my code Nikki10 to save 10% on your order! I have been using them since their launch earlier this year and I’m in love (especially with the cilantro lime flavor!).


Available in 6 Flavors:

Plain          Teriyaki          Lemon Herb

Barbecue          Cilantro Lime          Balsamic


Check them out today! Don’t forget to use my code Nikki10!

Here’s what I got in my last shipment

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