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Fit Girl Nikki | I Run My Body 365 Challenge #IRMB365 – May1st-May7th
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I Run My Body 365 Challenge #IRMB365 – May1st-May7th

Hey Goal Diggers!

I have the privilege of being a featured coach for the I Run My Body 365 Challenge!! My goal is to help motivate you to do something healthy everyday! During the week of May 1st through May 7th I will be sharing healthy exercises , meals and snacks… much more than I usually do! The exercises I share will be focused on the theme, “Compound Exercises for Compounded Results”– my goal is to share moves that engage several major muscle groups simultaneously. Follow along on my IG Account (Click Here) or on the official I Run My Body IG Account (Click Here). If you join in on our challenge use the hashtags #IRMB365 and #IRunMyBody 🙂



“Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ~Paulo Coelho

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