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Fit Girl Nikki | Diversify Your Leg Routine
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Diversify Your Leg Routine

Favs For Legs and Glutes

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I posted this image on my InstaGram account (follow me) and thought I would share it here too!! It seems a lot of focus is placed on squats to build, shape and sculpt the legs and booty. Squats are great however there is more to a good leg/glute work out than squats alone. Another thing to note, since everyone wants to squat for a booty 🙂 if you are not getting your thigh to or below parallel (to the ground), you most likely aren’t engaging your glutes. Go deeper if you can… lower the weight if necessary.

The bikini division of body building places a lot of emphasis on legs and glutes; they say competitions are won from behind! Aside from wanting to do my absolute best in competitions, what girl (or guy) doesn’t want a nice set of legs and glutes?!? I’d like to refer to myself as the glute whisperer… but that sounds funny and no one else would call me that lol 🙂

I have demonstrated some of these moves on my site (links Below). If you have any questions feel free to reach out! Have something to add to this list? Comment Below! 🙂



Hip Thrusters – An absolute must for targeting glutes IMO!!!

Hovering Hip Abduction – Hovering allows more muscle engagement and you are able to go even heavier with the weights than seated.

Click here for more Leg/Glute Exercises.




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