Squat Hold Low Row


  1. Place Cable Pulley in a lower position (slightly below your waist). Attach V Bar/Handle Bar attachment.
  2. Choose a weight that is not too heavy to row with both arms but not so light that you feel you may fall backwards during the movement.
  3. Descend into a squat position and hold.
  4. With your arms extended pull back until your torso is at a 90-degree angle from your legs. Your back should be slightly arched and your chest should be sticking out. You should be feeling a nice stretch on your lats as you hold the bar in front of you. This is the starting position of the exercise.
  5. Keeping the torso stationary, pull the handles back towards your torso while keeping the arms close to it until you touch the abdominals. Breathe out as you perform that movement. At that point you should be squeezing your back muscles hard. Hold that contraction for a second and slowly go back to the original position while breathing in.
  6. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Video Credit – Fit Girl Nikki LLC
Exercise Caption – Fit Girl Nikki LLC

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