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Fit Girl Nikki | Jumping TRX Single Leg / Pistol Squats
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Jumping TRX Single Leg / Pistol Squats

(this is a variation of: TRX Single Leg/Pistol Squat )

  1.  Position TRX handles to about waist height.
  2. Grasp onto the handles, lean back and raise one leg out in front of you off the ground.
  3. Next, begin exercise by squatting down with your standing leg. Squat down as far as you can. Allow your arms to straighten and stretch above your head.
  4. Explode and drive through the ground with heel of standing leg, jumping and switching legs simultaneously. Your arms should also be performing a rowing motion at the top of the movement.
  5. Repeat Step 3.
  6. Perform all recommended repetitions.


Video Credit – Fit Girl Nikki LLC
Exercise Caption – Fit Girl Nikki LLC


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