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Fit Girl Nikki | HIIT Circuit
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HIIT Circuit


Here’s an idea for a 4 min HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout you can do anywhere. Perform each move for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds in between. You can double up for a longer workout and also swap out exercises. The goal is to perform each movement with high intensity and have fun!

Here’s what I did in this video:

  • Blast Off Push-ups
  • Side lunge (right leg)
  • Jumping lunges 
  • Side lunge (left leg)
  • Star sit-ups (left arm; right leg)
  • Side lunge to curtsy lunge (right leg)
  • Star sit-ups (right arm; left leg)
  • Side lunge to curtsy lunge (left leg)


Video Credit – Fit Girl Nikki LLC
Exercise Caption – Fit Girl Nikki LLC


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