Hip Thrusters

Hey Guys! Happy Friday!

So yea… it’s not hump day but I definitely wanted to share another one of my favorite glute exercises which in my opinion targets the glutes (more specifically gluteus maximus) way more effectively than squats. Introducing, HIP THRUSTERS

Disclaimer: You may look a little crazy in the gym but who cares, especially when you see what your glutes look like after weeks of incorporating this move. This is about you, your body and your goals… #gettowork (I know this is not FB, IG or twitter but I felt a hashtag was needed there)

Diagram of the Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus

Alright, so now I’ll get to ‘splaining.

The weight:

Safety is your number one concern. If you are just starting out/new to lifting, start with just your body weight. Ensure you can do the motion with proper form. If you do plan on using weight, start light and build up from there. Any barbell will work, in the video below I am using a traditional bar with plates (adds up to 115 lbs)– I find its easier to set up and take down. When I started I used the fixed weight barbells because I was doing much lighter weight and could easily carry them from the rack to the bench. Whichever you choose, you will also want to have 1 or 2 yoga mats or something to cushion the area where the bar rests. Personally, I use two mats folded in half, anything less is uncomfortable on my pelvic bones. If you will be using weight, you will also need a bench… a sturdy one. (A variation to this exercise is instead of using the bench you simply use the floor.. beginners may want to try this out first with just their body weight).

The technique:

I don’t have a video for how I got into and out of position, perhaps I’ll shoot one and edit this post later. I’ll do my best to explain; not saying my way is best but this seems to work well for me. Once you have your weight placed in front of the bench I typically drape the folded mats over the bar and deadlift the weight then transition it into a dead row until the weight is hip level. I then sit down on the bench and adjust the barbell. I center the weight on my lap then carefully scoot off the bench until my shoulder are resting on the bench. From there, with your core tight, thrust your hips toward the sky until you are in a straight line from shoulder to kneecap. At the top I pause a little and really squeeze my glutes… this is where the magic happens lol I typically do 3-4 sets of 12 and recommend you do the same. To get out, I tend to move from a squatting position on the floor to a seated position on the bench then transition to standing (barbell in hand) and then I place the barbell on the ground as if i just completed a deadlift.

I know you guys are probably tired of looking at my booty… I’ll be posting some upper body routines shortly!


A little comparison from last year to this year

A little comparison from last year to this year (FYI: I started targeting my glutes more in July 2013 after deciding to compete this year.)

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come!”



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